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2017.06.09,Fiber optic type detector (ETN3000),Patent number:ZL 2016 3 0641184.X


2016.04.13,Clean pole and fiber end face cleaner. Patent number:ZL 2015 2 0694160.0


2016.01.13,Fiber end face electric cleaning ware that flexible shortens. Patent number:ZL 2015 2 058


2016.01.06,Wireless WIFI Fiber end detector, Patent number:ZL 2015 3 0365408.4


2015.09.23,Fiber optic electric cleaner (EDV-838), Patent number:ZL 2015 3 0177585.X

Fiber Cleaner
Condition:Fiber Cleaner[Delete]
EDV-838 Electric cleaner
cleans all regular stubborn contaminants on the fiber end face in all regular connectors as SC/FC/LC/MU/E2000 etc.,
PC/APC patch cord or bulkhead etc., female and male adaptors.
New function of flexible rotation on cleaner at different angles is added on for the most convenience of hard-to-access /narrow space clean. Additional lengthen adaptor for specific more complex situa
The upgraded cleaner offers the highest efficiency and value of clean solutions with lowest cost to clients and it’s most applied in the QA clean for patch cord/jumpers/module/transceiver manufacturer
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