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Our Patent

2017.06.09,Fiber optic type detector (ETN3000),Patent number:ZL 2016 3 0641184.X


2016.04.13,Clean pole and fiber end face cleaner. Patent number:ZL 2015 2 0694160.0


2016.01.13,Fiber end face electric cleaning ware that flexible shortens. Patent number:ZL 2015 2 058


2016.01.06,Wireless WIFI Fiber end detector, Patent number:ZL 2015 3 0365408.4


2015.09.23,Fiber optic electric cleaner (EDV-838), Patent number:ZL 2015 3 0177585.X

EFW Series
Condition:EFW Series[Delete]
EFW-300P Wi-Fi/USB Dual-use Digital Probe
EFW-300P digital probe can inspect the end face with smart phone/PC/OTDR/tablet via Wi-Fi or USB port.
Inspect with the Android/iPhone mobile via Wifi channel. Inspect with the PC/OTDR/laptop/tablet via USB port
Optional Pass/Fail analysis feature on iPhone
Optional Advanced Pass/Fail analysis feature on Windows OS 7/8/10
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