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Working for Data center -- Extended Inspect MPO(EFW-300P)
Fiber inspector operation with FiberEye2 on Android(EFW-300P)
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How to inspect MTP/MPO with Eternal probe(FVO-730-H)
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Fiber inspector operation with FiberEye2 on iOS
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Auto inspector Demo show(EFA-100T)  part A - installation
Auto inspector Demo show(EFA-100T) part B - checking and analyzing
Installation and show of Fiber Endface Analysis
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Fiber Cleaner Demo show(EDV-838) - Compare with one-click cleaner
How to test patch cord/ferrule with your Android phone
Check optical Fiber array or MPO(FTN-450-MPO)
Check optical module ,Single mode(FTN-450-MM/MF)
Precautions of using fiber cleaner
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根据客户之需求,亿天龙科技即日开始,正式推出双功能同步清洁杆,即:在清洁光纤(母头)端面的同时,也可清洁端口内部的、定位孔内壁表面的污渍和灰尘。全新的清洁杆型号为:125FP和250FP。分别清洁LC、MU和SC、FC、E2000光端口内部系统。       新产品外观图如下:由于模块或各种光器件或光适配器、其端口内的定位深孔内侧面积,是端面的3倍以上,极容易堆积污渍或灰尘,当它在运输震动中...


Application Value for the two magnifcation fiber optic microscopeTo avoid the missing check of ceramic edge crack or large foreign thing on the ferrule out of sight, the two magnification inspectio...


Eternal bench Inspector—the best friend for patch cord, ferrule etc., fiber kits production.


2017.06.09,Fiber optic type detector (ETN3000),Patent number:ZL 2016 3 0641184.X


Following the US OFC show, Eternal Science will participate in the CommunieAsia2017 (Asia……


In order to convinence the operation further plus the feedback from our customers, this month FVO……


Aside from thoroughly cleaning, new function of flexible rotation and lengthened adaptors with EDV……

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