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As the widespread of high-speed transmission LC optical transceiver module, the inspection of its performance index is very important. It is super critical to check the whole range and large field ...
Application Value for the two magnifcation fiber optic microscopeTo avoid the missing check of ceramic edge crack or large foreign thing on the ferrule out of sight, the two magnification inspectio...
Eternal bench Inspector—the best friend for patch cord, ferrule etc., fiber kits production.
Following the US OFC show, Eternal Science will participate in the CommunieAsia2017 (Asia……
In order to convinence the operation further plus the feedback from our customers, this month FVO……
Aside from thoroughly cleaning, new function of flexible rotation and lengthened adaptors with EDV……
The OTDR, testing splice loss and reflection faults, if equipped with the fiber inspector and cleane
FVO-700B2 is the most representative inspector of the Eternal FVO Series products.
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