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Who we are?

Established in 2001, ShenZhen Eternal Science Co.,Ltd is an enterprise that integrates research, development, production and sales of fiber inspection/cleaning tools over eighteen years in China, Shenzhen city.  In early 2002, Eternal transformed its major businesses from the completely agent into self-developed company and manufacturer combo, doing OEM/ODM/labeling etc., service. The company also acquired the intellectual property from W&L Development pty,ltd in Australia to help build its own brand AusBest. For years, Eternal specializes in the production of fiber tools to build quality products for customers. Professionalism and innovation are our key advantages to help company gain competitive edge and good reputation in the industry.

What we do?

Over eighteen years, Eternal has successfully developed a series of fiber inspection and cleaning tools, including FVO-600A/700A/EFW-300 model handheld fiber probes, EDV-136/137/838 model fiber cleaners and FTN-450/ETN-3000 model bench-top fiber microscopes etc., as well as pass/fail fiber data software and app.

The products, with low cost and high performance, give customers practical solutions and benefits. They are most applied in the optical data network, operation and maintenance scenario, also fiber components QC process.

Whom we serve?

Company product tools have been widely supplied to fiber manufactures for QC process, tech operators for complicated field test, also companies of industry giants for ODM/OEM/labeling service. The products have not only been largely sold to China, but also overseas countries like Japan/Singapore/UK/USA/Middle east etc., global area.

What we value most?

Professionalism and Innovation are the most quality Eternal value, assuring customers highest quality  with lowest  cost and offer the practical inspections/clean solutions to the fiber transmission work.

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